Broken Ground – Val McDermid

Living in the Highlands I found this tale very intriguing as I didn’t realise that they were a no go area during World War II. I love the main character, Karen Pirie, and the way she works with little regard to authority to get results. Perhaps because she reminds me of myself and the scrapes I used to get into as a fraud investigator! The main plot involves Karen’s search, together with her sidekick, Murray ‘The Mint’, for the reason a body was buried alongside a pair of motorbikes in the peaty ground of a remote hillside. The sub plots are also really interesting as Karen heads up an Historic Case Unit which attempts to get closure for the families involved in crimes from the past. This along with a certain gentleman’s attempts to woo Karen, which went way off the mark at times, and the atmospheric descriptions of place make the story move along at a really good pace. As usual, I found Val’s characters extremely well rounded and easy to picture in my imagination. Altogether another triumph for our ‘Queen of Crime’!

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