The Vanishing Point – Val McDermid

This is one of Val’s standalones which features a ghost writer, Steph, working with a reality TV star. The story starts with a kidnapping of a child in Steph’s keeping at O’Hare airport who we discover is the son of the reality star. We are told the child’s mother, Scarlet, has passed away so Steph, who seemed to have become great pals with her, has been entrusted with the child, Jimmy. At first the tale is written with an American slant involving the FBI who are investigating the case but, soon describes the back story of how all this came about as Steph worked with Scarlet on her biography. Steph has an ex boyfriend who has become a bit of a stalker so he comes under suspicion – especially as he is working in a recording studio in Detroit at the time of the kidnapping. However, the case is not that simple so follows a series if unexpected twists leading to the sort of surprising outcome that we have come to expect from this author! A well recommended read that I found very hard to put down.

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