The Lost Man – Jane Harper

I found this book in my local library and had heard many good things about it so I decided to give it a go despite the many books I already have in my TBR pile! I was glad I did as it was so intriguing that I finished it in two days – mostly on a crowded bus to Inverness and back! The story tells of Cameron, one of three brothers, who dies a terrible death of heat and dehydration in a lonely spot in the Australian outback by a mysterious monument – The Stockman’s Grave. As Cameron’s car is found just over nine kilometers away it is a complete mystery as to how he got to where he died and why. As the tale unfolds many theories are put forward by the police, the family as well as other ‘interested’ parties. Affairs, jealousies and a possible rape all give rise to speculation as to why Cameron died. However, the actual cause of his death in this dreadful, lonely place is quite unexpected and makes for a surprising twist. Although the title character is ‘The lost man’ my feeling was that most of the male characters were lost in their own way! The author really gives the reader a feeling for the difficult conditions and way of life in the heat and a terrain full of dangers which surrounds the characters. All in all a terrific read not to be missed!

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