The Librarian Of Auschwitz – Antonio Iturbe

This book is meant for Young Adult readers but, don’t let that put you off. It is a heroic story of a young girl who survived the holocaust based on the true story of Dita Kraus. As a fourteen year old girl Dita, along with her parents is sent to the ghetto of Terazin and from there to the horrific camp that we know as Auschwitz. At first I felt that the book was a bit too light for the tale it was telling as there seemed to be very little of the fear and menace that these poor people had to endure. However, as the story moves on the true horror of the camp becomes all too apparent. A fellow inmate, Freddy Hirsch, asks Dita if she will become the guardian of the eight tattered books that make up the library in the so called Family Camp – a role which could bring Dita into close scrutiny and worse from the Nazi commandants. She takes her job very seriously even getting special clothes made in order to hide the precious books and risking her life to get all the information she can from the resistance members within the camp. As we know, Dita manages to survive to tell of the horror she and others endured, as well as the stories of those who didn’t make it to the eventual liberation, which the Nazis tried so hard to hide from the rest of the world. Although books on this subject are always rather distressing Dita’s courage and determination to survive shine through to make this an enjoyable read.

3 thoughts on “The Librarian Of Auschwitz – Antonio Iturbe

  1. This sounds as if it will be an interesting, if emotional read. I will certainly give it a go. Another book you may be interested to read is A Century of Wisdom – Lessons from the life of Alice Herz-Sommer – The worlds oldest Holocaust Survivor, its by Carlone Stoessinger. Alice was a pianist who suvived one of the concentration camps and attended the trial of Eichmann. Its a facinating account of the life of an amazing woman.

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