The House of Lamentations – S. G. MacLean

I was sent this book to review for an award so have been unable to review it until now. I had read a couple of the Damian Seeker series but wasn’t up to date with it so had to do a little research into the period and the king, Charles II, who was in exile. There was an epilogue in the book but, I felt that this would have been better as a prologue for the readers that had not read the others in the series. A map would have been helpful as well although the descriptions of the Netherlands did bring the location to life. I really enjoyed the story as the twists and turns made it intriguing and exciting. The characters were well presented and you were never sure whether they were Royalists or followers of Oliver Cromwell who was on his deathbed at the time. The fact that Seeker had returned from his fake death so could be discovered at any moment added to the suspense throughout the book. Altogether a recommended read if you like historical fiction and I would really love to see these books as a series on TV.

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