The Son – Tom O. Keenan

This is another book I received to review for an award before it was published hence the time taken to put my review on here. I loved this book from the start as it was written from the point of the Cu-Sith  who is the grey dog or soul taker of Gaelic legends. If you hear the three howls of this shadowy creature it is said he is coming to get you very soon. I thought it was such an original and fascinating idea and discovered this is the third in a series of ‘psychosleuth’ about the murder victim’s family. I found the inclusion of the dead boy’s spirit intriguing  and disturbing at the same time. However, I felt that a glossary of the Gaelic words and phrases would have been useful. I have a wee bit of Gaelic so I understood most of it but, if you don’t know that ‘maha’ is just ‘then’ as in OK maha you could be a bit lost. The Highland community where the tale was set was true to life and reminded me of the communities in North Skye where I lived for many years. Acceptance is everything and tales abound! The ending where the father of the victim revealed all he had found in his pursuit of a cover up was fantastic. There were a few typos but, hopefully these will have been sorted before the final printing. 

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