My Poems


They say old age doesn’t come alone
Perhaps for sins we must atone
I creak and groan whenever I move
When once I got down in the groove
I've lost some height -  will I disappear
And fat piles on from sitting on my rear
The books I read they do amuse
But not really the pastime I would choose
To dance again would be my dream
In a dress with rhinestones that sparkle and gleam
A trophy won the crowd applause
Now it's an effort to do the chores
I can only dream of things I've done
The winter of my life has come.
There will be no spring for me I fear
So I'll just say - Goodbye my dear.

August in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Fringe - the Festival calls
With sights and sounds that will enthral
The Royal Mile - I'll take a look
Time to get my nose out of my book
The statues on their plinths so tall
They move a little but never fall
D'Arietta is next - the show to see
He'll sing some tunes like' LetIt Be'
Some rockin' then some sombre tones
You'll feel it deep down in your bones
A Chinese meal a table for one
Too bad Diana couldn't come
I wander down to Charlotte Square
The Bookfest - going like a fair
The cafes and shops so good to see
Stores packed with books - some just for me
Look forward to seeing Sue and Val
So I can say 'Yeah she's my pal'
After this the day is done
But it's been a lot of fun
Tired now after all the fuss
So it's back to Gala - on the bus. 


In the mists of time it all began
The history of an ancient man
He walked the Earth so brave and true
He learnt to sail the oceans blue
In caves we see his drawings clear
The hands of loved ones he held dea
Time and ancient man evolved
Leaving mysteries - never solved
The monuments he left behind
Pose puzzles for the modern mind
We've learnt a lot of how he lived
But not maybe not all he had to give
He walked the Earth in nature's path
Not dreaming of our aftermath
He learnt to hunt he had to kill
But his footprint on the land was nil

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