The Water’s Lovely – Ruth Rendell

There are two murders in this book one of which happens a good few years before the story begins and becomes the basis for one of Rendell’s great psychological thrillers. This murder is of two sister’s stepfather and one sister is always under suspicion of being the culprit but, it is a great family secret never spoken about. As with all of this author’s tales there are quite a few characters, all described to perfection, whose tales are connected and finally intertwine. I always feel that the characters are based on the type of person we all know at one point in our lives! I found it very difficult to put this book down as all the way through I was willing one or another person in the story not to tell or do something as catastrophe was sure to follow. There is Marion who fancies herself as a bit of blackmailer as well as preying upon elderly folk who she attempts to become a beneficiary of once she has finished them off. The tale also includes a controlling boyfriend, a hypochondriac mother as well as other fairly imbalanced players in this game of who has done what to whom! You will need to read the book to see how many are found out or have narrow escapes. If you like Ruth Rendell you won’t be disappointed!

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